New UPGRADES for 2020

Getting started on 2020 upgrades.

We are planning to have a new sofa in the Deer Cabin and a new loveseat in the Bear Cabin.  Both will be leather with recliners to enhance your cabin comfort!  We're still planning on the logistics of this upgrade, so check back for updates.

Knife sets for both cabins

We know its not a big deal, but it sure is nice to have a decent set of knifes when you're preparing a meal or just cutting-up some leftovers.  Sometimes its the small things that make a cabin cozy!

UPGRADES from 2019

New comfy beds for each cabin!

Each cabin now had a new quality Beautyrest BRS900 medium plush eurotop queen bed installed for the 2019 season.  Not too hard, not too soft - just right for a perfect sleep in the mountain air. 

The Deer Cabin got a new stove!

A new stove/oven was installed in the Deer Cabin.  Thus, if you're preparing a meal or just heating-up some leftovers, a clean new stove/oven is ready for use.

The Bear Cabin got a new Heater/AC!

The previous heater/AC unit did a nice job, but it was beginning to show its age.  Thus, a brand new, more efficient and higher capacity through-the-wall unit was installed to provide a comfortable atmosphere when the beautiful mountain air is not cooperating with your stay.

New microwave oven and coffee maker in each cabin!

We know these are essential components when staying in a cabin, thus, we thought it would be nice and our guests would appreciate new items that will surely be used.

New bathroom faucets!

In 2018, new kitchen faucets were installed.  In 2019, the bathroom faucets were replaced.  We wanted to ensure our cabins are clean and comfortable for your stay and new faucets always help.

College Football for the Fall!

Now you can take a break from the outdoors to catch your favorite college football team in action.  Our DirecTV programming is now upgraded in the Fall to include expanded sports programming (e.g. ESPN feeds, SEC channel, Big Ten channel, etc.).