COVID-19 information


Dear Guest,

We welcome you to relax and take in a calm retreat in one of our cozy cabins.  In regards to the recent Covid-19 pandemic recovery, we can assure you our high standards of cleaning are still in place.  We have added some recent recommendations from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) to help calm any related concerns you might have. 

We have the same housekeeping couple we have used for the last 3 years and they are onboard with us to provide you with the same high standards of cleanliness and disinfecting of the cabin after each guest.  They have been provided with recommendations of hand washing prior to cleaning and donning disposable gloves during the cleaning process.  While cleaning, they also will be using a CDC recommended multi-purpose disinfectant to clean hard surfaces and high contact touch areas as best practical. Linens and towels will continue to be washed in hot water using a septic safe, fragrance free detergent. 

To take further precautions, we remind you to not leave any items (that you brought) in the cabin even with good intentions that someone else could use.  If you brought in any cooking condiments, soaps or detergent, please take it back with you.  Any food, even if sealed and unused, must be taken with you or thrown away upon your exit from the cabin.  Please refer to our trash collection locations that you can utilize on your way home.

Please keep in mind YOUR BEST DEFENSE against any viral illness is proper and frequent hand washing.  We provide you with a bar of soap in the kitchen and bathroom.  Please use them and wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and lather for 20 seconds before rinsing.  Hand washing is recommended each time you enter/re-enter the cabin, after you use the bathroom, before any food preparation and after eating. 

The comfort and safe health of your stay is our top priority. We thank you for choosing our cabin for your mountain getaway and wish for you to enjoy it and the beauty of the Western North Carolina and Great Smoky Mountain area.

Best Regards, 

Gloria and Mark Ray