Cabin rules


There is no daily housekeeping.  Clean linen and bath towels, and at least one roll of septic safe toilet paper are included in the cabin.  Paper towels are also provided.  If your stay is 7 days or more, a clean set of linens and towels can be arranged during your stay (the specific date and time of change-out will be agreed upon when you check-in). 

When your stay is over, take/remove all food from refrigerator and any boxed food in cabinets.

Wash and put away any dishes or appliances you used. 


Each cabin utilizes a septic system.  The septic system will clog if improper material is introduced to the system.  Do not flush anything (especially feminine products) other than "septic safe" toilet paper down the toilet.  If it is found a clogged septic is due to non-toilet paper items introduced to the system, guests could be charged damages in excess of the security deposit.

If using the washer in the Deer Cabin, do not use bleach or any detergent containing bleach.

Use only phosphate-free, “septic safe” detergent.

Also, if using the dryer in the Deer Cabin,  clean the lint filter before and after use.  A clogged lint filter can be a fire hazard, especially in a wood structure. 


Typical for mountain properties, there is no commercial trash pick-up service for the cabins.  However,  there are 10 convenient Haywood Country collection centers throughout the county.   Trash must be taken to one of these locations and all trash must be removed from your cabin before you check out.  The centers are staffed from  7 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  A map is provided in each cabin showing where  the recycle centers are located and the one closest to our cabins.


You will be provided with a code to obtain a key for the cabin during your stay.  Two keys are provided - one in the lock box and one located on the hook by the door.  Please leave both keys on the hook the day you check out and lock the doors when you leave.  Any lost key will result in a $25.00 fee. 


Absolutely no smoking in the cabins.


Check-in time is 3:00 pm.  Check-out time is 11:00 am.


There are no refunds for early departures.  There are no refunds for conditions due to storms and weather related issues unless the state or local authorities order a mandatory evacuation of the area.


We are unable to accept accommodations to any four legged family members or friends in our cabins.


additional Requests


Please turn off TV, heat/AC, fans, and all lights when you are out of the cabin for an extended period of time.  When using the A/C or heat we ask that you keep all windows and doors closed. 


Do not leave food unattended inside or outside the cabin.  Food attracts bugs, bears, and raccoons, none of which are desirable.  Leave the cabin as clean or cleaner as it was on your arrival.


Be respectful of the neighbors and the wilderness and keep noise levels to a minimum.

For the courtesy of future guests and our efforts to provide a wonderful place to stay, we respectfully request care is taken while enjoying the cabin.  With that, if you see something broke, leaking, missing, or have a suggestion for improvements - please bring this to the attention of the owners.


We hope you enjoy your visit and make plans again for a future stay at one of our Cozy Cabins.